2015 January

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    The 130 unit mall is treated as a galleried two storey space, with a strong visual link between the two levels. Vertical circulation is provided by pairs of escalators at the knuckles, and lifts and stairs at the centre and both ends. The public space is designed to provide a friendly and clearly orientated shopping environment. These compliment an interior architecture which creates a classic, neutral backcloth for the colour and vitality of the shops themselves.

    Another feature of the centre is the energy efficient displacement ventilation system, which brings in low velocity treated air at low levels and lets it rise slowly throughout the building. The focal axis of the scheme, the central space and 1100 seater food court, includes a multijet fountain and a huge panoramic glass wall; this leads out into a tree lined avenue with water cascades, channel and fountains, and bold groups of seasonal planting, all of which are floodlit after dark.

    In one of the largest industrial acquisitions of the year, Ashtenne Investments Limited has purchased an industrial portfolio from Shell Pensions Trust Limited for £21,550,000.It includes estates in Alton, Bedford, Nuneaton, Northampton, Ringwood, Stevenage, Tottenham, Exeter and Truro. NAI Gooch Webster acquired the portfolio on behalf of Ashtenne Investments Limited, while CB Hillier Parker Investors represented the vendor.

    I have a lot of emotions right now,” she said. She said her husband, who has been in the Guard for four years and is a corrections officer at the Kenton County jail, has talked about being called up, “but you never think it will actually happen.” The company boarded buses to Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport for the first leg of its journey. The 180 members, including 20 women, will first stop at Fort Dix, N.J., to begin several weeks of training before beginning a year of service in Iraq. Exact dates and locations of the deployment are classified. Depreciation is an alternate essential part of the expense approach. Normally all quantity surveyor of properties inside an area are allotted to the same Depreciation schedule bringing about building qualities devaluing at the same rate.

    About 10 percent of the unit’s job will be to fight crime. The rest will be to protect specific sites such as supply depots and command and control posts, said company commander Capt. Taylor Lyle of Lexington. “These organizations are set up to do a specific function, like supply people or command people. They aren’t really set up to defend themselves,” Lyle said. Among the unit’s members, about 20 are police or corrections officers, one manages a Krispy Kreme doughnut store and one is a hospital operating room technician, he said.

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