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    The mist has cleared – we can see the church again from our window in Square Cottage, so up to Jenny’s Cove now. Best wishes, Mark and Sarah. From April to the end of October, the MS Oldenburg takes visitors from either Bideford or Ilfracombe. The sailing time is under two hours – weather permitting. Day returns cost £29 for adults, £14 for under-16s, £5 for under-fours and £67 for a family ticket (two adults, two children). Period returns cost £49. 50 for adults, £25 for under-16s, £8 for under-fours.

    Some sailings return you to a different port from which you departed – transport links can be arranged (often free of charge) to get you back to where you left off. There are 23 properties on the island catering for various groups, from co ttages to a lighthouse and a castle. Accommodation is often booked months in advance. Check the availability list with The Landmark Trust . You’ll have to buy The Landmark Trust Handbook, at £11. 50, to get details of accommodation and prices.

    During the summer, properties are let by the week from Saturday to Saturday; at other times they can be booked to coincide with the arrival and departure of the Oldenburg or helicopter. Prices vary, depending on comfort and the time of year. The Radio Room, which sleeps one, costs from £25; Millcombe sleeps 12 and starts from £160. Camping is available from March to October; £7 to £10 per person per night. Lundy has one shop, which is well-stocked with food essentials, and one restaurant/café, the Marisco Tavern.

    The latter serves bar menus, variously priced dinner menus, including some vegetarian options. That changed in May, when the Haymarket opened for business just below Piccadilly Circus, to become the seventh designer hotel in the eye-catching private portfolio of husband-and-wife team Tim and Kit Kemp. The couple have been developing their chic but cosy collection in the capital for more than 20 years. Kit looks after the design, overseeing every detail, and never repeating herself: every room is unique. For More Detail: www.enactconveyancingsydney.com.au | Qantec

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    In mediation an independent person discusses the complaint with each party though not necessarily at the same time. The mediator will help them to reach an agreement which is acceptable to both sides and which in principle ought to help prevent the problem arising again. Sargeants Conveyancing The complaint to me concerned a large, London-based, housing association and came from a couple in their late seventies who were distressed by the noise created by the young.The elderly man has refused to complete nuisance logs as he did not see the use of them. The association, in turn, refused to assist him unless he completed the logs as they had no evidence on which to act.

    The mediation resulted in the elderly couple understanding the importance of nuisance logs and agreeing to complete them. The completion of the logs also led them to understand that the nuisance was not, in reality, as severe as they had perceived it to be.The association, for their part, agreed that they could have been more helpful to the couple and could have been more understanding of the distress the nuisance was causing them.

    His complaints included the level of service charge he paid, the standard of the maintenance service and the reception received from his TV aerial. He also had concerns about the association’s complaints and compensation procedures. The association suggested to my office that the complaint could be best resolved by mediation. Although my staff has some concerns as to the likelihood of success, they offered mediation and the complainant agreed.

    The mediation session resulted in agreement being reached on all of the issues above. Where the association did not agree to change things to the complainant’s satisfaction, they were able to fully explain to him why they took the approach they did. It had become clear, however, during the mediation, that the complainant’s main concern was the nature of the lease he had signed and the responsibilities it placed on him.

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