2017 November

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    Property others are greedy for me as a property investor once again we’re talking before in about taking business principles there’s a principle there that you know really important is you know when you know the markets not doing Perth Property Valuers anything so the opportunity to load you up with as many properties you can you wouldn’t be buying them I didn’t go out and try and find a car when it’s at the highest price.


    A suit when it’s the highest price I want to go and buy stuff that’s you know at the lowest point as possible you mentioned partially one of the other strategies was buy renovate and sell or buy renovate and flip yeah and obviously the transaction costs can be pretty high in there again is how much volatility is in that people are buying it thinking they can flip it kind of quickly but if they get the numbers wrong could they be literally just doing their money I don’t know how many properties you bought in in this scenario but like there’s properties out.

    There constantly which are half build half renovated whatever there’s missing kitchens bathrooms whatever because Perth Property Valuers someone’s going to out there they’ve got I can do this nice and easy or sent a few TV shows where they do Renault, so i can make quick park the reality is, is it comes  with an art form and now i think as an investor is important have a foundation portfolio which we’ll talk about in a moment out having an asset base of properties which-you know you’re doing your trial and error like you know that you’re just going to buy this property set it there let it goes up in value let it rent out click the r and pay off your mortgage that sort of stuff once you’re fighting the.

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