Why the user want to use the process of conveyance?

  • Why the user want to use the process of conveyance?

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    Traffic heading towards the city will also be diverted onto the Sandy Row. Whilst replacing the sewer at Bradbury Place the contractor will be investigating the condition of the sewers at the lower end of the Lisburn Road from the junction at Sandy Row to Bradbury Place, and from Bradbury Place into University Road.  The state of the existing sewer in Bradbury Place has prevented investigation work of these sections of the sewer network in advance of the proposed replacement work.  If as anticipated further replacement work is required this will commence immediately after the traditional July holidays.

    To ensure that all work is completed by the end of August and in advance of the new school year when traffic flows tend to be at their greatest it is essential that the Bradbury Place work commences on the 18 June. The  0million Belfast Sewers Project will include the construction of a new 9. 5km tunnel up to 4m in diameter, 19km of new sewers, new storm water retention tanks and the refurbishment of 500 sections of existing sewer. The scheme is part of a package of improvement works funded by the private sector using a Design, Build, Finance and Operate (DBFO) type of contract.

    The section of road involved is the 1. 5km Holywood bypass between Palace Barracks and Sullivan Place and the work is scheduled to take ten weeks to compete. A Broker in Michigan – ww.enactconveyancingmelbourne.com.au DRD Roads Service spokesperson said: “Up to 50,000 vehicles per day travel along this road and disruption due to the works will unfortunately, be unavoidable.  While Phase 1 construction takes place the Bangor bound carriageway will be closed to traffic.  All traffic will use the Belfast bound carriageway in a tidal contraflow system.

    This means utilising the hard shoulder as a running lane and 2 lanes of traffic will operate Belfast bound during the morning.  The arrangement will be switched around to ensure 2 lanes are dedicated to Bangor bound traffic in the afternoon with one lane available for Belfast bound traffic. While Phase 2 construction takes place the Belfast bound carriageway will be closed to traffic.

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